Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

14 July 2009

Offa Rd by air

 case you were planning any bombing missions or satelite survailance - this is facing South - the Old town is to the right, Fairlight to the left - and the Country Park and sea are behind me, I am the teeny Tiny pink house in the middle ( yeah, pink - it's a really vile colour and I hate it - but I can't afford to change it yet ) I did this via the multi-map birds eye picture page and used a tilt-shift filter - click for a better view, the picture must be a few years old because you can see the giant shed at the bottom of my garden that I took down last year - the metal roof is shining in the sun - it's that fuzzy grey blob.


43 is not really such an interesting number, unless you are into maths, and apparently its fascinating, - and it's hardly there with all the landmarks - never know....a lot has happened since 42 - so the next 12 months might be interesting. A year ago today I was just starting to realise that there was a recession on the way, the least said about that the better. In good news, last night I paid off a chunk more of my credit card bill - so it's now down to £500 - one more invoice and It will be gone, it's been a pretty gargantuan achievement, £17K in less than two years...but lets face it - I've deserved it - I can't force myself to live on the breadline for ever!!!

Did you know -

43 - XLIII is roman numerals

43 is a prime number ( I like that )

- apparently, it's quite a special prime number, the smallest that can be made up from the sum of 2,3,4 or 5 primes...which I don't really understand - but sounds cool.

it is the atomic number for Technetium, the element lowest that does not poses stable isotopes

43 is a spiral galaxy in the andromeda nebula, here it is - rather nice!

Abell 43 is also a very faint planetary nebula, which is a teeny tiny ball of gas and debris - and very hard to photograph.

The Dark Side of The Moon was exactly 43 minutes long

George W Bush was the 43rd president of the United States

Cuarenta y tres ( 43 ) is a popular spanish liquer, distilled with 43 herbs and spices

its also the code to direct dial Austria - and there is an interstate Freeway 43 in Wisconsin.

X-43 is a hypersonic NASA flying wing developed to fly at mach-7...I want one!

I'm intending to have a nice, quiet day, keeping my head down and not spending any money - however...I can't resist spreading a little bit of misery and pain in the world, so here is an 'ironic' version of Billie Jean by really is that bad, feel free to leave comments. The audience reaction made me want to cry.


Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

kisah aku selama orentasi di smp

saya ingin menjadi jendral!dan ingin membahagiakan2 ortu saya.....!
SALAM BWT ANAK2 SMPN1ROGOJAMPI YANG GANTENG SEPERTI SAYA!semoga lebih sukses lagi dan danemnya semakin besar saja!!!!!.......!dan bwt temanku kelas7a kita akan selalu bersama!nanti di kelas9a.......!